Our Beliefs: All In, All the Time

Our beliefs are the principles that unite us, that inspire us each and every day to work toward a shared vision. One of those beliefs — all in, all the time — speaks to our unparalleled dedication, drive and willingness to do everything we can in the pursuit of exceptional design, from the small details to the big picture. We’re constantly at the drawing board with all cylinders firing, ensuring that what we deliver is in its best, most efficient form. That’s Modernism, and that’s Optima.

Our ability to commit so fully is made possible by our vertically integrated business model. Tired of the traditional red tape within real estate development companies, Optima founder David Hovey Sr. wanted to do something different, to start a company built around its dedication to exceptional design. We’re as passionate about the small details as we are about the big picture, and we operate at a pace — and with degrees of precision and attentiveness — that are unparalleled in the real estate development world. We invite the challenge of doing something that others say cannot be done, because we know that it can. 

Thus far 2020 hasn’t been short of challenges, but our team has faced them head-on, from staying inspired to keeping focused through COVID-19. To keep Optima Kierland construction on track, our Arizona construction team worked tirelessly. They adapted through increased safety measures, adjusted schedules and constant communication to make sure everything still ran smoothly.

No matter the situation, we are adaptable and equipped to respond to challenges as they arise. More than just committed to a shared vision, we’re nimble and quick on our feet, bringing unique and innovative solutions that yield better results. To be all in, all the time — it’s not just built into our DNA, it’s built into how we navigate our work and our world every day.

Our Beliefs: Passion for Creating

Our beliefs are the principles that unite us, that inspire us each and every day to work toward a shared vision. One of those beliefs passion for creating directly addresses the drive that propels us forward each day. We do what we do because we love great design, and believe in the power of great design to inspire awe and wonder. 

What does passion for creating look like? At Optima, we all create. Our culture is marked by openness and inclusiveness; we value collaboration and partnerships. More than just all creating, we create together.

One of our construction team members put it best when stating: “We all pitch in and help one another. If one of us has a problem, we all have a problem and will work together to find an answer.” Collaboration is inherent in creation, and it’s what pushes the boundaries of what we do and how we discover new ways of innovating. 

Recognizing that we achieve more together drives our desire to be part of a common purpose, to share knowledge and to achieve collectively. Everyone has a voice; ideas can come from anywhere and can be shared across teams in real time. We are able to look at every angle, own every detail and relish contribution from everyone. 

Our Beliefs: Lasting Impact

As part of our culture at Optima, our team is aligned around a set of beliefs that provides unity, clarity and meaning to the work we do everyday. One belief — committed to lasting impact — addresses our dedication to design solutions that raise the bar, withstanding the aesthetic test of time to leave a positive, lasting impact on people and the built environment that surrounds them.

From our earliest days, we have approached our work with this mindset. Our first project was in 1978 — a condominium complex at South Kenwood Avenue and East 54th Street in Hyde Park. We acquired the in-fill property at auction, and built six townhouses using Chicago common brick (they are still standing and occupied today). This project established a throughline that stays with us to this day, as we continue to pursue each project with the same intention, inspired by the people who live in and around them. 

Interior of South Kenwood and East 54th Street
Interior of South Kenwood and East 54th Street

As a natural outgrowth of our focus on people and the places they inhabit, we pay particular attention to how interior space is designed and experienced. Whether it’s our multi-family residences or single family homes, each is outfitted with a multitude of amenities, outdoor spaces and thoughtful design. We also deliberately curate the commercial spaces within our multi-family properties to benefit our residents, tailoring the selection of retailers to include restaurants & juice bars, schools, veterinary services or health & wellness spaces that align with the mix of residents and their needs. 

Our passion for buildings that last also translates into how our projects impact our earth. From LEED and IgCC certifications to conscious materials, we design with eco friendly functionality in mind. In building Relic Rock, we utilized design and materials to reduce the need for electricity and heat, lowering the building’s environmental burden. As we continue to grow in our practices, we will continue to implement more conscious design to ensure that our buildings work harmoniously with the surrounding nature.

Courtyard Fountain “Cooling Tower” at Relic Rock.
Courtyard Fountain “Cooling Tower” at Relic Rock.

Through each project and with each detail large or small, we strive to improve our communities and the lives of our residents for years to come. Stay tuned for more features on our beliefs as we dive deeper on what makes Optima function and thrive.

Inside Our Team: Property Management

On any given workday, our talented teams at Optima contribute and collaborate to keep things moving forward. Back in November, we got to know our construction team. Today, we’ll dive into what makes our property management team so fantastic. 

As stewards of our luxury multi-family developments, our property management team members are charged with providing the highest quality experience for our residents. Available to meet any need or tackle any problem, teams in both Arizona and Illinois work tirelessly to provide on-site support for our communities. 

Here’s what a few of our team members had to say:

“Each person has a strong sense of accountability and incredible work ethic, but above all else, we appreciate that building and maintaining positive relationships with others is essential. We think of ourselves as genuine and kind people who want to do right by our residents, prospective residents, vendors and teammates.”

“I love recognizing everyone’s accomplishments and celebrating together.”

I’ve really learned the impact of kindness from my team members. I have been so humbled and impressed by the thoughtful, wonderful people I work with and how the extra steps they take can have profound impact. Because we work in the place that our residents call home, we sometimes see them in their most vulnerable moments. At these times, I have seen my teammates go above and beyond for residents who have had illness, loss, hard times or even just a bad day and they do it without being asked because that’s just who they are as people.

“I’ve learned that it’s a privilege to find team members who have a strong work ethic and connect with our values. At Optima we all own what we do.”

With our holistic business model that encompasses architecture, development, general contracting, sales/brokerage, asset/property management, and shared services, each of our talented teams are part of what makes Optima great. Think you would be a good fit on the Optima team? Check out our current open positions to inquire about joining our team. 

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