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Growth Mindset

Since the company’s inception, we have defined growth on our own terms. This confidence to establish our own definition of success has set us on a continuing and collaborative journey, encouraging each member of our team to constantly expand the base of our knowledge in service to our purpose.
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Freedom to Innovate

We embrace the reality that achieving our purpose to enhance the way people live is a future-facing, long-term process. We enjoy our freedom and adaptability — inherently derived from our control of all aspects of the design and development process. Each and every day we make our decisions based on what we believe is right, without compromising our vision.
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Committed to lasting impact

We set out to withstand the aesthetic test of time with everything we create, in order to leave a positive, lasting impact on people and the built environment that surrounds them. Because we are guided by knowledge, intuition and our innate desire to stay true to our vision, we challenge what’s accepted and defy what’s expected. We take risks. We are driven and wired for rigor, always seeking out design solutions that raise the bar.
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Passion for Creating Together

At Optima, we all create. Our culture is marked by openness and inclusiveness; we value collaboration and partnerships. Recognizing that we achieve more together drives our desire to be part of a common purpose, to share knowledge and to achieve collectively. Everyone has a voice; ideas can come from anywhere and can be shared across teams in real time. We are able to look at every angle, own every detail and relish contribution from everyone.
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All In, All the Time

Because we are as passionate about the small details as we are about the big picture, we operate at a pace — and with degrees of precision and attentiveness — that are unparalleled in the real estate development world. We invite the challenge of doing something that others say cannot be done. (We know that it can.) We are adaptable and equipped to respond to challenges as they arise.

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Maintenance Supervisor

Glencoe, IL

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