David Hovey Sr. has expanded the design reach of Optima to include both architecture and sculpture. Art plays a large role in the design of our spaces with strong architectural elements often enhanced by carefully partnered art pieces. Through these pairings, we create complex relationships within a space. Hovey’s sculptures add depth and layers to our impactfully designed homes and communities.

Photo of the sculpture Kiwi


Named after the native New Zealand bird, Kiwi emerged from David Hovey Sr.’s freehand drawings that manifested into a monumental, impactful sculpture. The bold color and distinctive form provides an engaging centerpiece within the sweeping plaza at Optima Signature.

Photo of the sculpture Duo


Originally created as a large and monumental sculpture, Duo is crafted out of steel, a striking silhouette with abstract allusion to a man and a woman gazing at one another. As an expression of curved lines and fierce angles, the piece plays off duality and opposites.

Interior views with Curves and Voids

Curves and Voids

Curves and Voids expresses steel and its potential through grand, sweeping curves. The voids are laser cut within the sculpture’s steel planes; the holes provide gaps and textures that contrast and play off of the sculpture’s curves.

Photo of the sculpture Silver Fern

Silver Fern

Silver Fern is a play on simplicity, seeking to express the nature of a flat piece of steel. The two-dimensional sculpture has laser-cut circles and triangles, aligning ragged edges and sharp corners with graceful curves.

Photo of the sculpture Sundance


Standing at 13 feet tall, Sundance is built literally and metaphorically to connect to the ground, giving the sculpture context and roots within space. The piece expresses the nature of the thin steel plate from which it was fabricated, showcasing structural potential with three-dimensional, dynamic components and an inviting sense of openness.

Photo of the sculpture Windsong

Wind Song

Rising to 18 feet tall, Wind Song sits on a rotating turntable, allowing the sculpture to move with the cadence of the wind. The sculpture floats above the ground, distinguishing it from the distinctive lower vegetation of the desert. Wind Song is dynamic and expansive, evoking playfulness and celebration.

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