Since our founding in 1978, we have continued to contribute to the built environment as a design-driven real estate development firm.  We celebrate the fundamental connection between design and nature as an approach to serving the communities where we practice and the people who live there, while continuing to evolve and innovate.


We serve as the owner, the architect, the developer and the general contractor, providing unique degrees of freedom that allow us to work from a shared vision.

Our commitment to lasting design has positioned Optima as the nationally- and internationally-recognized recipient of over 50 prestigious awards, distinguishing us at the forefront of development and design.


Architecture MasterPrize

Winner in Architectural Design / Residential Architecture

September 16, 2019

Arizona Courtyard House - Optima DCHGlobal, Inc.

Arizona Courtyard House is a pavilion constructed with a system of standardized Corten steel structural components. The home demonstrates the flexibility of this sustainable building system to create a house of linear volumes, arranged to define a courtyard, with the house to the south and east, a fitness center and lap pool to the north, and mountain views to the west. The house is an open plan, based on a 7’ x 7’ modular system with columns spaced at 21’ on center. The two-way structural framing system allows for extensive cantilevers. The home was built in under five months.


BUILD Magazine

Architecture Awards – Luxury Urban Housing Designer of the Year

September 28, 2018


Tribute Award – Developers Award for Best Community Design

May 11, 2018

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Glencoe, IL

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