The Health Benefits of Squash

Across all of our projects, our amenity spaces are designed to create fun, engaging ways for our residents to stay active. A few multi-family residences across our Optima portfolio, including Optima Kierland and Optima Signature, are home to racquetball and squash courts, providing a dynamic way to get active for a game of one — or both! — of the two sports. Whether you’re a life-long player or interested in picking up a racket for the first time, here are just a few of the health benefits of squash (or racquetball):

Improving Agility

Squash requires you to be light and quick on your feet to move randomly across the court. Unlike other sports, the energy and speed needed to play comes in short bursts rather than longer endurance. Covering distances within a short amount of time and striking the ball accurately means you’re training your body and brain to act quickly.  

Improving Bone Health

Squash is a relatively low-impact sport, but it can still help build bone density and strength. Playing squash has been shown to help maximize bone mass before the age of 30 and afterwards help to slow down bone loss, not to mention it decreases the risk of osteoporosis. 

Improving Balance

Looking for a balance-oriented workout that isn’t yoga? Playing squash certainly helps your coordination skills, but it also means your whole body has to work in tandem. To keep up with the sudden directional changes of the ball, you need control over your own balance and stability. 

Improving Mental Health

Arguably one of the best health benefits of squash is the effect on your mood and mentality. Like most exercise, squash boosts your brain power, your energy levels and your endorphins. Devoting time to play can bring discipline into your routine, not to mention the added social aspect of playing with friends. 

When we design our amenities, our intention is always to provide a welcoming, exciting space for people to connect with their sense of well-being — and our squash courts do just that.

Exploring Optima Communities: Golf at Optima Kierland

As with all of our projects, the residences at Optima Kierland join indoors with the great outdoors. And a quintessential part of life outdoors in Arizona is relishing the beautiful weather with a few hours on a golf course. Here are just a few ways residents enjoy golf at Optima Kierland.

Just down the road from our Kierland Community, The Westin Kierland Golf Club brings first-rate golf experiences to the neighborhood. Voted one of America’s 9 most cheerful golf courses by Golf Digest, the course offers the perfect place to spend a morning or afternoon. The surrounding views of the mountains don’t hurt either. Other nearby golf courses also include the Scottsdale Silverado Golf Club, TPC Scottsdale Champions Course, Gainey Ranch Golf Club and Stonecreek Golf Club, so residents have plenty of options. Optima Kierland even recently started a golf club for the residents, so neighbors can get to know one another on the courses.

golf simulator at Optima property

For those who prefer to practice and play in the comforts of home, each building at Optima Kierland features a golf simulator, located in the game rooms of our exclusive residents club. Although there’s no true replacement for playing a full game outdoors, it’s a great alternative for anyone looking for a convenient way to improve. Whether it’s an hour lunch break while working from home, or a way to wake up on a weekend, residents at Optima Kierland have everything they need to perfect their golfing skills.

Golfing is one of the activities that draws people to the Phoenix area, so we’re thrilled that Optima Kierland can be a hub for golf enthusiasts and connect them to a larger like-minded, passionate community. 

Indoor Basketball at Optima

As part of our commitment to creating healthy and happy communities, we’re constantly looking for inventive ways to keep our residents entertained, engaged and on the move. In all of our apartment communities, indoor basketball courts help achieve those goals. Integrated into our extensive amenity floors, indoor basketball at Optima helps residents stay healthy while having fun. 

Our properties across Illinois and Arizona house their own courts, including 7180 Optima Kierland, Optima Kierland Apartments, Optima Signature, Optima Sonoran Village and Optima Camelview. Basketball courts will also be part of the 40,000 square feet of amenity spaces at our latest project, Optima Lakeview. Each court is designed to seamlessly flow with the Modernist design of all of our spaces. And to accommodate the interests of our residents, many courts are now being striped for pickleball use. Along with being an in-demand recreational amenity, basketball has quite a few health benefits for those interested in playing.

Indoor Basketball Court at Optima Signature
Indoor Basketball Court at Optima Signature

Although many may have played as kids, there are plenty of perks to getting into basketball as an adult. Playing basketball requires agility, strength and stamina, so it naturally builds muscular endurance and healthy bones. It also helps improve balance and coordination and like many other regular physical activities, it boosts heart health. As far as mental benefits, engaging in physical activity releases endorphins and can be a big mood booster, whether you’re playing a quick game or you’re on the court for a few hours.

Our favorite benefit of basketball might have to be the team spirit and communications needed to play the game. We hope that all of our amenity spaces — our indoor courts included — make space for camaraderie and community, especially during a time when many are craving them. From new novices to life-long players, indoor basketball at Optima provides a welcomed escape to relax, play and stay active for our residents.

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