Across all of our projects, our amenity spaces are designed to create fun, engaging ways for our residents to stay active. A few multi-family residences across our Optima portfolio, including Optima Kierland and Optima Signature, are home to racquetball and squash courts, providing a dynamic way to get active for a game of one — or both! — of the two sports. Whether you’re a life-long player or interested in picking up a racket for the first time, here are just a few of the health benefits of squash (or racquetball):

Improving Agility

Squash requires you to be light and quick on your feet to move randomly across the court. Unlike other sports, the energy and speed needed to play comes in short bursts rather than longer endurance. Covering distances within a short amount of time and striking the ball accurately means you’re training your body and brain to act quickly.  

Improving Bone Health

Squash is a relatively low-impact sport, but it can still help build bone density and strength. Playing squash has been shown to help maximize bone mass before the age of 30 and afterwards help to slow down bone loss, not to mention it decreases the risk of osteoporosis. 

Improving Balance

Looking for a balance-oriented workout that isn’t yoga? Playing squash certainly helps your coordination skills, but it also means your whole body has to work in tandem. To keep up with the sudden directional changes of the ball, you need control over your own balance and stability. 

Improving Mental Health

Arguably one of the best health benefits of squash is the effect on your mood and mentality. Like most exercise, squash boosts your brain power, your energy levels and your endorphins. Devoting time to play can bring discipline into your routine, not to mention the added social aspect of playing with friends. 

When we design our amenities, our intention is always to provide a welcoming, exciting space for people to connect with their sense of well-being — and our squash courts do just that.