Optima® Voices: Conversations with Our Property Teams is a series that brings you closer to the individuals who make our communities thrive. Through these interviews, we’re shedding light on the dedicated staff behind the seamless operation of Optima’s properties, highlighting their passion, experiences, and the personal touches they bring to enhancing the living experience for residents. Join us as we explore the stories of those who deliver — day in and day out — the quality of living that makes Optima® communities extraordinary. Today, we’re talking with Tanya Osman, Property Manager at Optima Signature®.

Tell us a bit about your background and the role you play at Optima Signature®.
I grew up helping my mother’s real estate business and knew this was the industry for me at a very young age. This experience provided me with a unique perspective on how to effectively navigate the challenges and opportunities within residential management. I started my own business in residential sales over 15 years ago that evolved from selling single family homes in Florida to managing luxury high rise apartment buildings in Chicago.

At Optima Signature®, I manage the day-to-day operations, handle resident relations, address maintenance issues and ensure the property’s overall well-being. My experience is rooted in a commitment to delivering excellent service and maintaining a positive living experience for residents.

How did you begin your journey at Optima Signature®?
I managed luxury communities in River North for 6 years until January of 2022, when I was presented with the opportunity to oversee Optima Signature®.  I embraced the chance to bring everything I knew to the table about operations, sales, and resident satisfaction. I was so excited to start the new journey in Streeterville (funny fact – I have not managed a building that was not on Illinois Street – in River North both building’s I managed were on West Illinois Street and at Signature I am on East Illinois Street. I like to say that I moved to Chicago to work on Illinois Street).

What drew you to Optima Signature® initially?
A significant draw for me was the captivating design of the building. The aesthetic appeal and expansive amenities were also factors. I was excited for the challenge of overseeing a larger community than those I’ve managed previously.

How do you view the concept of community at Optima Signature®? How does it differ from other properties/buildings?
The concept of community at Optima Signature® is integral to fostering a positive living experience. We create a sense of engagement among the residents through regular monthly events and personalized services. Optima®’s values help in creating a more connected and vibrant living environment compared to other buildings.

Optima® has a unique set of values that differentiates it from other company cultures. How does that affect the quality of your work life? What values matter most to you?
Optima®’s core values place emphasis on collaboration and innovation. The shared values contribute to a harmonious work environment and allows to maintain high standards in property management. The value that matters most to me is: “There is a solution to every problem.” We are faced with unique challenges on a daily basis and working for a company that allows you to take ownership and be creative makes it fun to find solutions.

What are some things you’re learning since joining the Optima Signature® team?
Since joining the Optima Signature® team, I’ve been actively learning and adapting to the unique dynamics of the property. Everyday there is an opportunity to improve my communication and problem solving skills by learning the specific needs/preferences of our residents and overcoming new objections from both prospects and the leasing team.

What makes you most proud to be a part of the Optima Signature® team?
I am so proud to be a part of the Optima Signature® team! Our team has a collaborative spirit and is dedicated to resident satisfaction. I love coming into the office to smiling faces and hearing everyone’s ideas! We have a beautiful community and team and that makes me proud!