Location, location, location” has always been the sage advice in real estate, but experts think in the coming years, that may shift to “amenities, amenities, amenities.” In the industry arms race, amenities have skyrocketed to the forefront of renters ⁠— and buyers ⁠— minds in recent years. And with any trend, amenities is one that’s constantly evolving, growing and incorporating new ideas that ultimately lead to greater longevity. 

Navigating Recovery and a New Generation

After the housing market crash of 2007-2008, many people opted to rent rather than buy, whether it was out of preference or for financial security reasons. That change in preference, combined with the rise of millennials in the home buyer/renter market, placed new emphasis on the multifamily market. Millennials began to eschew the suburbs in favor of multifamily buildings in urban cores, and prioritized access to local amenities and public transportation. 

With the transition to multifamily properties, residents became more and more open to sacrificing a ‘traditional’ home in exchange for more shared amenity spaces. With amenity offerings spanning from the recreational (gyms, pools, sport courts) to the everyday-practical (libraries, coworking space) to health and wellness focused (spas, outdoor space), the trade-off is well worth-it to most. Amenities offer access to a lifestyle and a community focus that may be well beyond a given resident’s price range, creating increased opportunity within their own home while still remaining in budget.

The Sky Deck at 7140 Optima Kierland
The Sky Deck at 7140 Optima Kierland

Amenities at Optima

In our pursuit of designing impactful spaces, amenities at Optima have similarly evolved to meet the needs and expectations of our residents. As Optima Signature was underway, we saw that an increasing number of people were working from home, so we incorporated spaces to stay focused and inspired. Our amenity spaces at Signature are numerous, and they include a conference room, library, powered and connected seating areas (indoor and outdoor as well as business suites. A productive at-home office space is well balanced with 1.5 acres of amenities, creating the perfect balance of work and play for Signature residents. 

At our latest project, Optima Kierland Center, the amenities were designed to take advantage of the great outdoors and surrounding desert, both in common spaces and individual residences. Party rooms, fitness spaces, yoga and wellness spaces were designed to be indoor-outdoor, oftentimes using retracting glass walls to join the two. Though wellness amenities are common now, amenities at Kierland include spa-calibur steam rooms and saunas, a rooftop running track, pickleball and basketball courts, full-service fitness centers, and stunning panoramic mountain views to get residents excited to enjoy the outdoors. 

Ultimately, we love creating spaces that don’t just respond to trends, but truly meet the needs of the people who will interact with them daily. Amenities are just one of the ways we create a lasting impact and a fantastic living experience for our residents.