As a family-owned and operated business, we’re proud of our roots and our history. Since 1978, we’ve produced internationally-recognized, award-winning residential mixed-use developments and single-family homes. To understand our growth and progress, we fondly look back on our years in business and the Optima story. 



A Modernist Beginning

Optima’s began when David Hovey Sr., our Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, was a student at the Illinois Institute of Technology. His mentor and teacher, Arthur Takeuchi, suggested the idea of forming his own business to bypass the red tape of traditional development. David Sr. wanted a process in which architecture was the center, while still retaining control over the ownership and development aspects of the process. And so, Optima was born. 



Family Ties

As David Sr. began executing his early vision for Optima, Eileen Hovey, fellow Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, took her entrepreneurial spirit and charged ahead with marketing and sales. The two forged a unique path of architecture and development working in unison, which would eventually lead to the Optima Business Model. Over time, they were joined by David Hovey Jr. and Tara Hovey, who shared their passion for real estate, architecture and innovating for the future. David Hovey Jr. also introduced Optima DCHGlobal, a patented architectural system that further pushed Optima’s work in prefabricated housing towards the forefront of the industry. 



Optima’s Future

At Optima, our past is critical to our future, keeping us grounded while inspiring us to move and progress forward. Even decades after our start, our values haven’t changed; we still believe in being bold, perfecting our process, learning from each experience, and creating spaces that improve the quality of life within our communities. From a two-person team to our dynamic, talented staff today, Optima continues to grow and thrive. 

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