As the sun-soaked capital of Arizona, Phoenix isn’t just a bustling metropolis in its own right. It’s also surrounded by a ton of stellar suburbs, each offering its own unique flavor and charm. Keep reading to learn more about the Top 10 suburbs in Metro Phoenix.

From luxury enclaves to tech hubs to serene family-friendly neighborhoods, the Phoenix suburbs described below provide great options for every lifestyle. This article dives into the crème de la crème of the Phoenix suburb scene, providing insights into what makes each spot stand out in the heart of the Southwest.


In the picturesque landscape of Phoenix suburbs, Scottsdale stands out as an oasis of luxury, art and outdoor activities. With world-class golf courses that would make any link lover’s heart race, upscale shopping districts that can satiate even the most discerning shopper and restaurants that range from gourmet to eclectic, Scottsdale is the epitome of suburban elegance.

Population: 242,753

Average age: 47.7

Median household income: $97,409

Average commute time: 22.9 minutes

Walk score: 32

One-bedroom average rent: $2,024

Two-bedroom average rent: $2,984

Three great apartment complexes in Scottsdale

Optima Kierland Apartments


Inspiration at Frank Lloyd Wright

But it’s not all about the glitz and glam. This Phoenix suburb supports an array of outdoor activities, from the scenic trails of McDowell Sonoran Preserve to horseback riding under the vast Arizona sky. Dive into Scottsdale and discover what makes this Phoenix suburb a crown jewel of the Southwest.


What sets Chandler apart in the lineup of Phoenix suburbs is its commitment to balancing urban sophistication with hometown warmth. From high-end shopping centers to local farmers markets and from cutting-edge theaters to the annual Ostrich Festival, this Phoenix suburb ensures residents never have a dull moment.

Population: 279,458

Average age: 36.7

Median household income: $91,299

Average commute time: 24.9 minutes

Walk score: 35

One-bedroom average rent: $1,785

Two-bedroom average rent: $2,000

Among the constellation of Phoenix suburbs, Chandler shines brightly with its unique blend of tech-driven progress and laid-back Southwestern charm. As the hub of the Silicon Desert, Chandler boasts a growing technology industry, attracting innovators and professionals eager to make their mark.

Three great apartment complexes in Chandler

Stone View on McQueen

The Ashley



Once known as the “Hay Shipping Capital of the World,” Gilbert has grown exponentially, trading hay bales for innovative businesses and growing communities. Gilbert is a shining example of how a city can expand without losing its historic charm.

Population: 273,136

Average age: 34.5

Median household income: $105,733

Average commute time: 27.1 minutes

Walk score: 29

One-bedroom average rent: $1,747

Two-bedroom average rent: $1,991


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