High-rise apartments are getting more in touch with nature. Living on the 40th or 45th floor, for example, can make tenants feel far away from it—and since the pandemic, apartment dwellers are craving closer ties to greenery. In response, more plants are coming to rooftops, lobbies, and balconies.

Optima Inc. has been adding biophilic design principles to its communities for more than 40 years. It has been offering green roofs, courtyards, and gardens. A vertical landscaping system is on display at its Optima Camelview Village in Scottsdale, Ariz. Several colorful plants grow up and over the ledge of private terraces on each floor of the building.

“This system helps enhance the natural beauty of our projects by allowing a palette of vibrantly colored plants to grow up and over the edge of each private terrace on every floor of the building,” David Hovey Jr., president and COO of Optima Inc., told Multi-Housing News earlier this year.


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