In Streeterville, Optima Signature provides a host of resident amenities, from rentable business suites to a two-floor health and fitness center. Services include an on-site chef, a restaurant, a nail salon and a veterinarian.

Mark Segal, senior vice president of Optima, said the Glencoe-based real estate developer wants to make life easier for residents — particularly during as stressful a time as a global pandemic.

“Time has become one of the more precious commodities, and things that focus on delivering convenience and the quality of life … are the focus for so many folks,” he said.

Optima Signature also has an indoor connection to an adjacent Whole Foods Market. “It offers the convenience of being able to do grocery shopping and limit what your interactions with other folks will be,” Segal said.

Renters are looking for COVID-19 safety measures in their new homes — like the electrostatic disinfecting of Optima’s common areas, Segal said. Some of those pandemic safety features also add convenience, like in-home package delivery.

“Everyone is dealing with today’s circumstances differently,” Segal said. “Everyone is having their own experience today, so it really is a wide range of things that people are looking for in terms of how to manage their own lives at this time.”

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