The newly completed 7180 Optima Kierland, Arizona’s most luxurious and sustainable condominium tower. It’s the fourth and most elevated residential offering within the $500 million Optima Kierland Center.

It’s always been about location in real estate, with amenities leading the rest of the pack of decisive factors when choosing a place to call home — in fact, having the right ones can make or break a lease. The last decade has been a race for developers to win the hearts of American renters, and apartment community amenities were among the strongest incentives that could tip the contest in one competitor’s favor.

While having an apartment that is equipped with the right features — from dishwashers, in-unit washers and driers to smart home solutions — remains crucial, as does a reasonable price tag, renters prioritize convenience in their residential choices. Apartment buildings need to check a lot of boxes to stay on the prospects’ radar and a lot more is expected from a community than in the past, from on-site parking and fitness centers to resort-like swimming pools, business lounges and clubhouses.

In short, renters are now looking for the whole package. However, not all places are created equal, and while some cities are abuzz with high-end residential complexes that emphasize resident well-being, others offer more basic amenities to apartment renters. Where do renters have the best chances to enjoy a premier renting experience, amenity-wise? And how did new construction affect the amenity landscape?


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