Recently, we explained what exactly makes up Modern furniture and how to spot it. But what if you’re looking to bring a bit of Modernism into your own space? Considering our own affinity for Modern pieces and design, we love seeing the style applied across homes, condominiums or apartments. So if you’re looking for tips on modern design for your home, here’s where to start:

Form Follows Function

Modernism’s top rule is “form follows function,” essentially meaning that any decor or furnishings should reflect its intended purpose. Anything that doesn’t have a practical purpose can be eliminated, so Modern spaces are often very minimal. However, Modernism also celebrates the expression of form. Le Corbusier lounges or Barcelona chairs all embrace unique shapes and features in bright, joyful colors. Look for pieces that explore color, textures, and material, all while staying functional. 

Colorful modernist furniture and courtyard view at Optima Sonoran Village
Courtyard view at Optima Sonoran Village

Bring the Outside Inside

Modernist architecture celebrates expansive windows and natural light, as do Modern interiors. Keep windows unobstructed when possible, and keep any blinds or curtains minimal in color. If you feel inspired by the green space at Optima, get a few houseplants to add pops of green. Or if your seasonal weather cooperates, get creative with container gardening

Contemporary vs Modern

Contemporary and Modern are often confused when dealing with interior design, but it’s important to note the different. Contemporary style isn’t attached to any specific era; it changes as time evolves. So Contemporary design would currently refer to anything in demand in 2020. Whereas Modern design specifically refers to a movement in art, design, architecture and of course, furniture. 

If you want to hunt for Modern pieces to add to your own home, here are a few shop recommendations to check out. Or even better, peruse your local thrift store or furniture restoration shop for truly authentic Modern furniture and decor.