At Optima®, we are passionate about fostering a vibrant community where enterprises thrive alongside our residents, creating a dynamic living experience. In this installment of “Discover Optima’s Commercial Tenants,” we sat down with Kimberly Mack, Owner and Esthetician at SKIN Laser & MedSpa, to share her thoughts about how her business brings the fusion of luxury living and wellness services to Optima Signature®.

Kim shares, “I moved to Chicago in 2019 from Florida and moved into Optima Signature® as a resident. I’m a licensed aesthetician and had been working in a medical spa in Wicker Park when Covid happened and the spa closed. When things began to open up again in 2020, I considered my options and happened upon the business suites here on the seventh level in the building, and pursued a lease of one of the spaces to set up my own medspa.

After nearly four years, I love the practice I’ve established. I have wonderful clients and Optima Signature® is also an incredible place to live. I’m able to offer a range of services, including skin resurfacing, peels, facials, RF microneedling, and I’m fortunate to have been voted “best in Chicago” for in 2022 and 2023 is laser hair removal!”

Credit: SKIN Laser & MedSpa

Kim continues, “I’ve never built a business before, and the building management was incredibly eager to help promote my spa when I started. They threw a great “grand opening” party and promoted the business with residents in the building with flyers in the elevators and business cards in the Welcome Bags for new residents.”

What started as a personal business endeavor has grown into a valuable amenity for the residents of Optima Signature®. “Many of my clients are from the building itself. They love the convenience of just taking an elevator to their appointments,” Kim notes. For those living in Optima Signature®, SKIN Laser & MedSpa is not just a medspa but a part of their daily lives, enhancing the community feel and the building’s appeal.

Kim takes great care in treating her clients. She explains, “I greet them at the elevator when they get off on the seventh floor and schedule plenty of time for each person, so no one feels they are sitting in an unfriendly waiting room. I have to say the architecture of the building — with its minimal design, floor-to-ceiling windows, and amazing views, contributes to people immediately feeling “zen” when they enter my treatment space.”

As SKIN Laser & MedSpa continues to grow, the foundation of community and convenience remains at its core. The medspa has become a symbol of how personal wellness and luxury living can blend seamlessly, providing an example of Optima®’s commitment to fostering an environment where residents can thrive.

Supporting entrepreneurs like Kim underscores the potential of integrating personal wellness businesses within residential communities. It’s a testament to our visionary approach at Optima®, creating spaces where professional aspirations flourish alongside personal well-being.