At Optima®, we are passionate about fostering a vibrant community where businesses thrive alongside our residents, creating a dynamic living experience. In this installment of “Discover Optima’s Commercial Tenants,” we sat down with David Saginur, Co-founder and COO at GoodVets, to share how their presence at Optima Signature® and Optima Lakeview® enhances the lives of our residents and their furry companions.

David explains, “GoodVets is a state-of-the-art animal hospital group committed to an unparalleled level of patient care and client service. We began our journey in Chicago with our first hospital at Optima Signature in Streeterville in March 2018 and added GoodVets Lakeview in Optima Lakeview in 2024. Over that time, GoodVets has expanded to 32 hospitals nationwide, but our early history with Optima reflects an amazing partnership based on shared values of quality, community, and design.

GoodVets at Optima Lakeview
GoodVets at Optima Lakeview

“We chose Optima Signature and Optima Lakeview because of the buildings’ standout architecture and the heavy foot traffic in the surrounding neighborhoods. The sleek, modern design of Optima buildings aligns with GoodVets’ emphasis on visual experience, which allows us to attract pet owners who seek the best care for their pets. As an animal hospital organization, we know that this synergy between our ethos and our clients’ personal values has allowed us to thrive.”

David continues, “We were also drawn to Optima as a landlord because they offer refined urban living in environments that truly embrace and celebrate pet ownership. This welcoming culture, which is a joy to see, allows us to connect with pet owners who share our values and prioritize their pet’s health and wellbeing.”

We also learn that engagement with the Optima communities is a cornerstone of GoodVets’ operations. From hosting events to offering convenient, top-tier pet care, GoodVets has become an integral part of the resident experience for pet owners in Optima Signature and Optima Lakeview. At the same time GoodVets enjoys unique opportunities to reach a diverse demographic, from young professionals to empty nesters, all of whom prioritize their pets’ wellbeing.

“Feedback from the Optima communities has been overwhelmingly positive,” David shares, “reflecting a deep appreciation for GoodVets’ services and the convenience it brings. This feedback has been instrumental in evolving our offerings to meet the wide range of needs of our Optima residents, ensuring that both pets and their owners receive the care and attention they deserve.”

What’s on the horizon? As David lays out, “At GoodVets, we envision continued growth and evolution within Optima communities. We see how strengthening the bond between pet owners and their community is such a powerful force, and are proud for GoodVets to be part of that equation.”

Without a doubt, GoodVets embodies the essence of Optima’s commitment to providing an enriching lifestyle for residents and their beloved pets. And as we continue to cultivate vibrant communities, partners like GoodVets play a crucial role in bringing our vision to life, ensuring our residents and their furry loved ones enjoy the most enriching quality of life right at their doorstep.