Our Beliefs: All In, All the Time

Our beliefs are the principles that unite us, that inspire us each and every day to work toward a shared vision. One of those beliefs — all in, all the time — speaks to our unparalleled dedication, drive and willingness to do everything we can in the pursuit of exceptional design, from the small details to the big picture. We’re constantly at the drawing board with all cylinders firing, ensuring that what we deliver is in its best, most efficient form. That’s Modernism, and that’s Optima.

Our ability to commit so fully is made possible by our vertically integrated business model. Tired of the traditional red tape within real estate development companies, Optima founder David Hovey Sr. wanted to do something different, to start a company built around its dedication to exceptional design. We’re as passionate about the small details as we are about the big picture, and we operate at a pace — and with degrees of precision and attentiveness — that are unparalleled in the real estate development world. We invite the challenge of doing something that others say cannot be done, because we know that it can. 

Thus far 2020 hasn’t been short of challenges, but our team has faced them head-on, from staying inspired to keeping focused through COVID-19. To keep Optima Kierland construction on track, our Arizona construction team worked tirelessly. They adapted through increased safety measures, adjusted schedules and constant communication to make sure everything still ran smoothly.

No matter the situation, we are adaptable and equipped to respond to challenges as they arise. More than just committed to a shared vision, we’re nimble and quick on our feet, bringing unique and innovative solutions that yield better results. To be all in, all the time — it’s not just built into our DNA, it’s built into how we navigate our work and our world every day.

Our Beliefs: Freedom to Innovate

At Optima, all aspects of our work are deeply saturated by the passion and values instilled in Our Beliefs. Our team unifies around these beliefs, enabling us to create more collaboratively, to communicate more effectively and to be collectively inspired by a shared vision. One belief — freedom to innovate — speaks to the degrees of freedom that we enjoy, allowing us to continually instill our work with inventive thinking and approaches.

As a vertically-integrated business, we serve as the owner, the architect, the general contractor, the developer, and property manager, allowing us to keep our hands on all parts of the process. With a full-throttle, approach to every aspect of building, from inception to execution, inherently we hold unique degrees of freedom and adaptability.

7160 Optima Kierland
7160 Optima Kierland

Take when we were building 7160 Optima Kierland, the first tower of Optima Kierland Apartments, for example: we were able to shift on a dime and seize opportunity when it was presented. At the time of construction, we identified a rapid increase in market demand for three-bedroom units and quickly adapted mid-build, creating three-bedroom units, even after concrete had been poured.

As project architect, we modified plans and ensured no adverse cost impact resulted, coordinating with our design team maintaining bathrooms and shafts in their original location. As general contractor for the project, we engaged quick responses from partners without affecting project delivery. 

Each and every day we make our decisions based on what we believe is right, without compromising our vision. The freedom to innovate is at the core of this decision making process — driving our work each and every day to be better, more efficient and more inventive.

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