The Optima DCHGlobal Building System

The Optima DCHGlobal Building System synchronizes standardization with design flexibility through a set of manufactured structural and architectural components. The components are made from the latest in steel technology called Cor-ten and Duracorr steel which are corrosion resistant and are from 99% recycled metals. The patented structural system is based on 7’-0” x 7’-0” horizontal module, a 1’-3” vertical module, and a 21’-0” x 21’-0” structural bay with connectors, beams, and column components that are joined together with tension controlled bolts to create a 3-dimensional structural grid allowing for design flexibility in both vertical and horizontal directions. The standardized structural, architectural, and building components fit together like an erector set and allow for shop assembly for efficient, precise, and fast construction in any location, climate, or terrain.

Glazing, fascia, vertical screens, case work, wall panels, plumbing, electrical wiring, ductwork, insulation, stairs, and handrail are all designed in accordance to the 3D grid and integrated into the structure, thereby allowing automated fabrication with precise and efficient construction.

The 1’-3” vertical module allows the building to step down in 2’-6” increments utilizing the maximum height allowed by code for adjacent floors to exist without a handrail provides clear definition between functional spaces without walls obstructing views. The 7’ x 7’ horizontal module shapes comfortable hallways, bedrooms, open spaces, and functional spatial transitions. The 2’-6” “step” allows interior spaces to have an open feel while providing spatial variation and enhancing the opportunities for furniture, art, and architecture to provide a rich interior experience.

The structural system allows a 7’-floor cantilever and a 14’-roof cantilever inherently providing functional flexibility and large roof overhangs for solar control. Nature can be integrated through the structure and the building envelope, comprised of high efficiency Low-E UV protected laminated glass with a heat reflective coating. The glass acts as a canvas for nature’s reflections of both color and texture. Adjustable vertical modular sunscreens create privacy and shading for the interior spaces while filtering light through 3/8” perforations on 10-gauge press-formed slats. Cantilevered from the perimeter of the roof structure, the Cor-Ten or Durracorr plate is perforated with 1-1/4” holes creating a moving pattern on the interior and exterior that follows the angle of the sun during the day and the moon light at night.

The system is pre-engineered for up to two stories and is designed up to the LEED Platinum Level.

Design Flexibility

The 7’-0” x 7’-0” horizontal module, a 1’-3” vertical module, and a 21’-0“ x 21’-0” structural bay and patented components enables design flexibility in both vertical and horizontal directions and the ability to customize any building to the specifications of the owner.

Construction Schedule

The standardized fabricated parts and assemblies along with computer aided fabrication and construction management allow for efficient on-site construction. The average construction time for a 5,000 sf building is 2-3 months with single crews.

Life Cycle

Constructed out of Cor-Ten Steel, an Optima DCHGlobal home has a multi-generational life-cycle that can last for hundreds of years.

Energy Performance

Precise component fabrication and assembly, passive solar devices, solar panels, and energy star appliances allow for efficient energy performance.

Limited Waste

Standardized components mean limited construction waste in the field.

99% Recycled

Cor-Ten and Duracorr are used for all structural and architectural components.

Quality and Precision

Architectural, Structural, and Building components are fabricated in controlled environments and precisely fit together in the field.

Design Flexibility

The 3 Dimensional grid allows the standardized set of parts to be arranged in any horizontal and vertical configuration.


The Optima DCHGlobal Building System is designed to the LEED Platinum level.


Optima DCHGlobal homes are designed to require significantly less maintenance than traditional construction. Cor-Ten steel is a maintenance-free material that does not deteriorate over time.


The Optima DCHGlobal home is designed to the LEED Platinum level.

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