The Optima Connect Program

We believe that building community extends beyond architecture and design. Community is a crucial component to how we design our properties — ensuring that residents and neighbors alike feel more connected through what we do. In support of this, we created the Optima Connect program, which encourages truly holistic community connections.

Optima Connect is a program that offers exclusive benefits and discounts at local businesses. Like our Optimized Service program, the goal of Optima Connect is to provide an added everyday convenience that brings ease, comfort and joy to our residents. The program also serves to bolster local businesses and ramp up support, creating a friendly community ecosystem. 

Through Optima Connect at Optima Sonoran Village and Optima Kierland Apartments, residents can enjoy exclusive and luxury benefits such as BOGO tickets at Ballet Arizona, discounted fitness classes and up to 20% off at nearby restaurants — just to name a few. To peruse the full list of Optima Connect benefits available to Optima Sonoran Village residents, visit here.

Supporting community growth and connection amongst our residents and neighbors is something we care deeply about at Optima.  As Jamie Springer, Regional Manager in Arizona, explains:

It’s really made us a stronger part of the community. It’s a dual partnership that gives discounts to our residents and helps promote local businesses. We seek Optima Connect partners for events — especially virtual events right now, like mixology and cooking classes — to introduce residents to nearby businesses. We want residents to feel connected to the community outside of our buildings and create a neighborhood feel with places they can walk to.

From the Optima Connect program, to the careful and thoughtful selection process that goes into choosing retail tenants at our properties, we know that our relationship to the spaces around us deepens our sense of belonging. 

Modern Furniture 101

As our tagline “Forever Modern” implies, Modern design is integrated into every part of our business and our work. Our inspired interiors are no exception; full of Modernist artwork, sculpture and furniture, the interiors of our properties reflect the same principles and aesthetic. So what exactly is Modern furniture, and what distinguishes it from other furniture styles? 

A Brief History

Like Modernism itself, Modern furniture design developed in a post-World War II environment that necessitated cutting excess waste, focusing on functionality, and reevaluating the practicality of materials in design. Compared to the decorative styles before it like Victorian, Art Nouveau and Neoclassical, Modernism was a striking departure into new territory. This drastic shift from ornate, decorative pieces to minimal pieces is attributed to new technology, changes in design philosophy and the direction of architecture at the time. Since then, Modern furniture has become an iconic part of interior design history. 

How to Spot Modern Furniture 

Functionality, clean lines, smooth shapes, bold colors and minimal design are all common aspects to Modern furniture. Most iconic pieces of Modern furniture pioneered new uses of materials such as glass, steel and leather, so those are common signs to look for. Odds are, you’ve seen Modern furniture before, especially if you’re in the design or real estate industry. Barcelona chairs, Noguchi coffee tables and Le Corbusier lounges are commonplace in many residential buildings and homes, in the United States and around the world. 

Amenity space at Optima Signature
Amenity space at Optima Signature

To explore the individual and detailed history behind the pieces, here’s a more complete list of popular Modern furniture pieces. Within our practices at Optima, Modern furniture plays a critical role in completing our vision for each space we create. Our Modernist sense of design through architecture and furnishings helps us tell a holistic, intentional story through design. Without this consistency, our buildings and amenity spaces would seem incomplete. Though rooted in the past, Modern furniture integrates beautifully with a bright, inspired future. 

Neighborhood Spotlight: Phoenix

Home to Optima Biltmore Towers and a rapidly evolving city skyline, Phoenix is the vivacious and sprawling city capital of Arizona. Today we’re diving deep into why we love Phoenix, its endless pockets to explore and its bustling arts scene.

Phoenix Art Museum
Phoenix Art Museum

Arts and Culture

Phoenix is thriving in the arts and culture arena, with classic spots like the Phoenix Art Museum whose collection spans from the Renaissance era to the present day and the Heard Museum, showcasing American Indian art, to a burgeoning underground arts scene. Phoenix’s newest walkable arts district, Roosevelt Row, features urban murals, galleries from up-and-coming artists and is the home of First Fridays art extravaganza, a once-monthly neighborhood art crawl.

Taliesin West designed by Frank Lloyd Wright
Taliesin West designed by Frank Lloyd Wright

Architectural Treasures

We’re proud to put down roots in a city that has inspired Modernist architectural masters like Frank Lloyd Wright. Taliesin West is a cornerstone piece of Modernist architecture, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright as his winter home and school, and the now-home of the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation. The city is also home to the futuristic desert home, Cosanti, designed by Wright’s seminal student, Italian architect Paolo Soleri. 

Desert Botanical Garden
Desert Botanical Garden

R&R – Both Natural and Manmade

Phoenix also boasts unparalleled access to the natural gems of the Arizona landscape, with options like Desert Botanical Garden, Camelback Mountain (which is also right next to Optima Sonoran Village) and Papago Park all closeby to the urban oasis. When it comes to manufactured R&R, Phoenix is known too for its lush golf courses and luxury spas, where you can while away the day and recenter.

As we continue to expand in Arizona, we look forward to discovering more in our favorite places, and learning about new communities, too. Stay tuned for more neighborhood spotlights on our other Optima communities.

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