Waste Management Phoenix Open

Tee Off

Before we tee off, it’s important to know that the annual Waste Management Phoenix Open is known as the “Greenest Show on Grass.” Playing host to the greatest players in the game. It is the PGA’s most attended event, drawing nearly 700,000 spectators each year to TPC Scottsdale! 

WM stands for so much more than just “Managing Waste.” Not all heroes wear capes, or in this case — hard hats. Through Waste Management’s sponsorship of the Phoenix Open, the company has set out to seek better environmental solutions for everyone. Regardless of whether you’re tossing pizzas, running a construction site, or managing a household. 

In 2021, the WM Phoenix Open raised more than $3.8 million dollars for charity, and has raised more than $165M for charities in its 85-year history. At the same time, the event has an economic impact of more than $400 million. Bringing revenue to every part of the hospitality industry in the Scottsdale area.

The action isn’t just limited to the golf course. Behind the scenes, thousands work tirelessly to ensure the WM Phoenix Open generates zero waste for tomorrow and inspires spectators to reimagine what a sporting event can truly be. 

TPC Scottsdale Stadium. Credit: TBC Scottsdale

A Course Par Excellence

The City of Scottsdale underwent an extensive renovation of TPC Scottsdale’s Stadium golf course and clubhouse in 2014, led by architect Tom Weiskopf. It included the relocation of four greens, resurfacing of all greens, and reshaping and regrassing of all tee complexes. It also included the relocation and reshaping of all bunker complexes, replacement of cart paths, and re-landscaping of desert areas. The redesign added a dramatic new look to the course, in part due to planting more than 250 trees.  Today, the course is both aesthetically pleasing and more challenging. 

Behind The Phoenix Open

Water from kitchens and bars are used in portable restrooms during the Phoenix Open, millions of gallons of water are restored for Arizona Tribal Nations through Water Restoration Certificates, and water education is incorporated throughout the entire tournament to raise awareness. 

On the subject of emissions, WM Phoenix Open is the first golf organization to sign on to the UN Sports for Climate Action Initiative, aiming for a whopping 50% reduction target of emissions by 2030 and net zero operations by 2040. As if they didn’t prove themselves enough already. Did we mention that all of the electricity purchased for course operation is 100% renewable?

For the fan or golfer who desires to start the year off with a bang! The Waste Management Phoenix Open takes place in Scottsdale from February 6-12.

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Your Guide to Golfing Inside

With the winter months officially here, many of us are having to go without our favorite outdoor activities and sports. However, for residents at many of our Optima buildings, golfing year-round, rain or shine, is still a possibility. For avid golfers who want to keep up their game at all times, we present your guide to golfing inside:

The first golf simulators appeared in the early 1970s, developed from placing computerized sensors at different points on a net. This method only allowed players to practice their swings and offered no way to gauge distance or accuracy. Thankfully, technology has allowed for golf simulators to expand and advance over the years. Now, you can play a full round of golf with different clubs for a more well-rounded practice, and enjoy putting on some of the world’s best golf courses right from the comfort of home.

Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or a newbie, indoor golfing has a few perks that even real golf can’t beat. The first — and most obvious — being that you can play any time and in any weather condition. Playing via simulator also requires significantly less time, and there’s no commitment to play through an entire round. For anyone working from home, that means an easy golf break during lunch, or a quick way to reap some of the health benefits from the sport. Of course, improving your game is a huge benefit. Simulators provide instant feedback for each shot, so you can adjust as you go. By the time the weather warms up again, you’ll be a new player. 

Golfing Simulator on the 7th floor amenity space at Optima Signature
Golf Simulator on the 7th floor amenity space at Optima Signature

For residents across our Optima Kierland community, golf simulators are integrated at our residents-only clubs on our extensive amenity floors. At Optima Signature, a golf simulator and putting green ensure that residents can practice both their long and short game. We know how important wellness and recreation are to our communities, and we hope our amenity levels — including our golf simulators — help residents stay healthy year-round! 

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