As the residential real estate industry develops, amenities are becoming more in-demand, more inventive and more expansive. And wellness is a huge part of that growth. One study from March 2020 predicts that wellness is estimated to be a $4.2 trillion USD industry for the next generation of high-end homebuyers – forecast to grow at nearly twice the rate of the global economy. The amenity spaces we design for our properties are purposefully created for both community and individual wellness. We’ve previously covered wellness at Optima Signature, and today we review and explore wellness at Optima Kierland.

Green space at Optima Kierland
Green space at Optima Kierland

Embracing Nature

Located in the heart of Scottsdale, Arizona, Optima Kierland Center is comprised of 7120, 7140, 7160 and 7180, four buildings which together make a serene retreat from the North Scottsdale urban core. Both the individual residences and the vast amenity spaces feature stunning views of the surrounding desert, not to mention curated landscaping, hanging gardens and communal green space. More than six acres of open green space on the ground level create a park-like setting for the community, and also reduces ambient temperature to mitigate the heat-island effect. In fact, the landscaping actually creates a microclimate that lowers the ambient temperature from 5 to 9 degrees compared to surrounding sidewalks. The oasis-like greenspace of Optima Kierland keeps residents inspired, provides a closeness with the surrounding environment and celebrates the natural desert surroundings.

The Sky Deck and pool at 7120 Optima Kierland
The Sky Deck at 7120 Optima Kierland

Enjoying the Outdoors

Signature to Optima Kierland Center is the inclusion of a Sky Deck on each of the community’s towers. With panoramic views of the city, each Sky Deck also includes a wealth of amenity spaces, including heated pools, spa-grade plunge pools and saunas, indoor-outdoor yoga studios, rooftop walking and running tracks, entertaining spaces with barbecues, covered bars and counter seating, outdoor theater, lush landscaping and more.

Yoga studio at 7120 Optima Kierland
Yoga studio at 7120 Optima Kierland

Connecting with Community

As with all of our multi-family properties, fostering a strong sense of community is a top priority because we believe that connection fosters physical and emotional wellness. At Kierland Center, this intention manifests into the many communal amenity spaces, including fully outfitted sports areas, movie theaters, party rooms, game rooms, and state-of-the-art fitness centers. Each building also includes an exclusive Residents Club so neighbors can enjoy each other’s company regularly. 

In designing spaces around wellness, we inherently design spaces that bring people closer to each other, closer to their environment and closer to their own personal aspirations. Our people-centric approach is what fuels our passion and drives us forward to continue creating in thoughtful, meaningful ways.