How to Make Your Pets More Comfortable at Home

At Optima, we constantly challenge ourselves to bring exceptional features to our communities that elevate the lives of our residents — and the lives of their beloved pets, too. Whether bringing your pet into a new home or welcoming a new pet into your forever home, ensuring their comfort and happiness should always be a top priority. So, here are our tips for how you can make your furry friend most comfortable in their home:

While it might sound strange, one of the first steps you can take to ensure your pet is comfortable in your surroundings is getting to know the amenities they can utilize throughout your larger community. Outdoor areas and parks like One Bennett Park and Cityfront Plaza near Optima Signature, Lincoln Park near Optima Lakeview and Horizon Dog Park near Optima Kierland make great locations to get outside with your pet. 

Exercise is another crucial factor in a pet’s comfort. Whether you find time to enjoy a refreshing walk outside with your pet throughout the day or spend time with them indoors, an active pet usually equals a happy pet. For pet owners at Optima Lakeview, Optima Kierland, Optima Signature, Optima Sonoran Village and our upcoming Optima Verdana property, our exceptional private dog parks provide the perfect place to exercise steps from home! Additional pet perks for Optima residents include dog walking services, onsite grooming, pet visits and pet sitting!

There are plenty of other steps you can pick up to ensure your pets are safe and stress-free when home. If you don’t work from home, leaving at a set time each day helps set a routine for your pet and can alleviate their anxiety when you’re gone. Crafting an indoor space dedicated to your pet is another great way to make them feel more at home when you’re gone; adorn the area with a comfortable bed and plenty of toys. 

Whether you have the luxury of working from home and spending the day with your furry friend or your time together is limited during the day, making sure your pet is happy and comfortable at home is always important to remember. So make sure you’re taking the correct steps to do so!

Pet-Friendly Amenities at Optima Lakeview

We know how important pets are and we want to make them feel right at home when you choose to live in one of our communities. For anyone searching for the perfect home for themselves and their beloved animals, here are a few reasons why our newest development, Optima Lakeview, is the perfect option.

Optima Lakeview’s proximity to the lakefront and Belmont Dog Beach makes it one of the best locations in the neighborhood to own a pet. One of the most exceptional pet features in Optima Lakeview is the 2,000 SF heated dog park on the ground floor. The park, with its lush landscaping, comfortable seating and friendly astroturf is an ideal place for your dog to get exercise and enjoy the fresh air year-round. And after a romp around the park, take your furry companion to the community’s pet spa. With this convenient service, you can always make sure your buddy is sparkling clean before heading back to your apartment. 

Optima Lakeview’s onsite pet spa

Along with our spa, our wonderful team provides onsite grooming services for every pet that walks through its doors. And because we understand that many pets are home alone throughout the day, we offer our residents dog-walking services to make sure your beloved companion has ample time outdoors, even if you’re not available. For those unable to travel with their pet, Optima Lakeview offers in-home petsitting, so you can leave your little buddy in good hands and reduce the stress of finding a sitter. 

At Optima Lakeview, we invite our residents to expect the extraordinary. And what better way can we deliver on this promise than by making your pets’ lives easier and more enjoyable!

Pet-Friendly Amenities at Optima

Though 68% of all US households own a pet, finding a condo or apartment that allows pets can be quite the treasure hunt. And even when pets are allowed, there’s still a big difference between having a pet policy and being pet-friendly.

To overcome this challenge for renters and owners, pet-friendly buildings are including additional amenities or offerings that welcome and celebrate the community of pet-lovers and their furry companions. Particularly in urban areas, these pet-friendly inclusions become crucial to the convenience and happiness of animal owners and their pets.

At Optima, we constantly push ourselves to innovate and include exceptional features that elevate the resident experience, from installing pickleball courts to carefully choosing retail tenants that meet our residents needs. Over the past few years, improving the resident experience has also meant amping up our amenity offerings for oft-overlooked residents: our four-legged friends. Here’s a closer look at pet-friendly amenities at Optima:

Dog Park at Optima Sonoran Village
Dog Park at Optima Sonoran Village

Optima Sonoran Village

Situated in the heart of urban Scottsdale, Optima Sonoran Village makes the optimal home for pet-owners with the inclusion of a community pet park. Beyond this dedicated space, Optima Sonoran Village has several acres of open space with walking paths, making it the perfect place for a morning dog walk. Each apartment at Optima Sonoran Village also features a private terrace, so your pet can get some fresh air at any time of day, without you even having to leave home.

Dog park in the 7160 tower at Optima Kierland Apartments
Dog park in the 7160 tower at Optima Kierland Apartments

Optima Kierland Apartments

At Optima Kierland Apartments, our pet-friendly amenities at each tower include a dog park and pet spa. Residents and their pet companions can also make use of the sprawling green space that surrounds the properties, where getting exercise for your pet never requires going far and even better, each unit’s private terrace offers outdoor space right within the bounds of your own home. The community even features a pet spa, so after a day of play, you can make sure your furry companion comes back to your apartment sparkly clean.


Outdoor dog park at Optima Signature
Outdoor dog park at Optima Signature

Optima Signature

At Optima Signature, our package of pet-friendly extras includes both indoor and outdoor dog parks as well as grooming facilities. We’ve even gone so far as to choose retail tenant GoodVets for our community here — a choice made specifically to respond to residents’ needs. Beyond on-site pet-friendly amenities, Optima Signature’s proximity to the riverfront and lakefront make it easy to take an adventure into the city with your pet.

Particularly in urban areas, we recognize that finding the perfect space for your pets to thrive can be tough, so we strive to make our residents’ lives easier and more enjoyable — for people and pups alike.

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