TCN Chicago Equity Pledge

When women can take their seats at the table, businesses are more likely to reach their full potential. As a business comprised of strong women, Optima is unwavering about empowering women to pursue their passions and lead us towards a better and brighter future. We’re thrilled to partner with The Chicago Network (TCN) for their Equity Principles campaign to achieve gender equity across all levels of organizations, including leadership roles, by 2030.

Since 1979, The Chicago Network has called upon women to foster friendships, support one another, gather in community and empower each other to lead. By creating ongoing mentorship opportunities, partnering with area universities and hosting sessions and events for TCN members, the organization pushes for the betterment of Chicago’s women leaders. The Chicago Network’s latest initiative is The Chicago New Equity Principles, a pledge and toolkit that provides employers with clear, solutions-driven guideposts to create a truly equitable workplace. Through removing barriers, defining success, evolving culture, enhancing community and maintaining accountability, TCN challenges their partner organizations to move towards change. Aiming to achieve a 50% representation of women serving on company boards, as C-suite executives and in senior management roles throughout Chicago by 2030, the campaign seeks to embolden a new generation of leaders. 

As one of the early signers of the campaign, Optima is thrilled to support a cause so crucial to the growth of our organization. We are currently 46% female overall, 43% at the management level and 27% at the executive level. We are also led by an incredible female, Tara Hovey, our President and Chief Operating Officer. We’re off to a good start, and we’re proud of our commitment to meet the Chicago Network goals. 

For more information on the pledge, visit The Chicago Network’s website.

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