Optimized Service at Optima

With everything we do at Optima, we set out to deepen the human experience. In support of this mission, this year we launched Optimized Service, an innovative in-home concierge program that is the first of its kind in Arizona. 

Optimized Service takes concierge services to the next level, providing conveniences for our residents within the comfort of their homes, with our professional in-house teams working around the clock. Complimentary services include dry cleaning pickup and delivery to the closet, in-home plant watering, thermostat adjustments and package delivery to your front door within 24 hours of package delivery to the building. 

The program augments the virtual concierge at Optima, which offers our residents the ability to call, email or text for assistance with booking reservations, appointments, coordinating travel and other similar tasks. 

We see our new hospitality-grade service as the perfect addition to the abundant amenities offered across all of our Arizona luxury rental communities. In our continuous pursuit of service, we seek to provide our residents with an unparalleled living experience. 

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Glencoe, IL

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