Optima Paradise Valley

Begin each day with breathtaking views of the Arizona desert and clear blue skies above Camelback Mountain. These three featured homes are designed with uncompromising comfort and convenience. Derived with privacy in mind, the residences showcase 3-bedrooms, 3-bathrooms, a spacious chef-grade kitchen adorned with high-end appliances, and stand-alone guest houses. Outside, each home’s courtyard has ample entertaining opportunities. The panoramic landscape and amenities combine to make each residence a one-of-a-kind address.

Rising Sun

Rising Sun is one in a series of prototypical structures for a planned rollout of entirely factory made modular housing.  Composed of five steel modules ranging from 18’x72’ to 18’x36’, the structures form a compound with a home made up of two staggered modules connected at the long sides, a garage, gallery and studio. The five units are grouped to envelop a private inner courtyard.  Each module rests on just four concrete piers.

Each structure and module enclosure took just five days to fabricate in the controlled factory conditions and was lifted into place by crane in two hours.


Stagecoach, built in Scottsdale, Arizona, is the first in a planned rollout of manufactured modular housing designed by Optima DCHGlobal, Inc..  Two offset modules measuring 18’x72’x10’ are joined at their long sides to create the house.  Another pair of modules – these measuring 18’x18’x10’ – are attached side by side to form the garage.

Cloud Chaser

Cloud Chaser is a glass-and-steel structured private residence located in a gated residential community at the foothills of Tonto National Forest in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Whale Bay House – Optima DCHGlobal

Whale Bay House is located on a ridge overlooking Whale Bay in Kerikeri, New Zealand, and sits on an approximately 50-acre site.  The site falls in three directions and is within a sheep and cattle station, allowing for complete privacy and unobstructed views. 

Ravine Bluff

Ravine Bluff is a private residence in Winnetka, IL, standing on a 60-foot bluff overlooking Lake Michigan.

Relic Rock – Optima DCHGlobal

Relic Rock is located on a sloping ridge in the Sonoran Desert of Arizona. As the prototype for the Optima DCHGlobal Building System, Relic Rock uses a flexible and sustainable building system, adaptable to a broad range of different climates and terrains.

Sheridan Elm

Sheridan Elm is a private residence in Winnetka, IL.

Sandy Knoll

Sandy Knoll is a private residence in Homewood, IL that celebrates the surrounding wooded knoll located 45 minutes from Chicago.

Sterling Ridge

Sterling Ridge is a private residence the Sonoran Desert of Scottsdale, Arizona, designed to mediate between the high desert landscape and the desire to continue the architectural language of Modernism.

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