Optima Verdana is one of our latest projects, coming soon to the Wilmette neighborhood of Chicago. In contrast to other projects in our portfolio, the name may seem eclectic. So how did we arrive at the name Verdana?

To start the naming process, we focused on the design elements of the building and what set it apart. We knew the green space would be one-of-a-kind; the development will feature our signature vertical landscaping system that we’ve implemented across our Arizona communities. Translating it to Chicago’s ecology and weather is no small feat, but our team is making it happen. The system will include self-containing irrigation and drainage, and feature hand-selected plants that will stay green year-round — even during the most extreme weather conditions.

Inspired by the innovation and striking visuals of the vertical landscaping system, we pursued names that related to green space, abundance and growth. Verdana draws from the word verdure, defined as lush, green vegetation or a condition of freshness. The name is unique, welcoming and inspired, much like the building and residences themselves. 

Optima Verdana is currently under construction, scheduled to be completed in 2023. Stay tuned for more updates on the project, on our blog!