For years, we’ve seen the race to reach renters often start with a building’s amenity package and the bigger is better mentality, whether it was a pool, a fitness center or, most recently, coworking space.

But living through a pandemic has given everyone a different perspective on amenities. It’s been interesting to see that the things we took for granted, like natural light and outdoor space, have become—and will continue to be—the most important amenities of all.

While many developments made connecting people and nature within built environments and communities a hallmark in recent years, what’s new in 2021 is a heightened demand for direct access to sunlight and fresh air that blends the outdoors and indoors in refreshing ways.

Going forward, we believe design will flow from a need to create environments where renters find inspiration in their natural surroundings while also benefiting from the tangible health benefits that natural light and outdoor space offer.


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