Optima McDowell Mountain Village will create an environmentally friendly residential neighborhood in the burgeoning area of North Scottsdale with a state-of-the-art, all-inclusive, health-based, amenity-rich community. Most notably from a sustainability perspective, it will be the largest private rainwater harvesting site in the U.S. The residences within the community are expected to use half as much water as the average Scottsdale multifamily residence and a quarter as much water as the average Scottsdale single-family home. Optima is also providing the City of Scottsdale with 2,750 acre-feet of water that will be deposited into the Scottsdale water system. 

Type of Project: Mixed-use
Location: Corner of Scottsdale Rd. and Mayo Blvd.
Developer: Optima Inc.
Architect: Optima Inc.
Size:  Situated on a 22-acre site, Optima McDowell Mountain Village is comprised of six concrete-framed, eight-story buildings that will include 1,330 luxury residences and 36,000 square feet of commercial and retail space. The development will be a mix of condominiums and apartments.
Date Completed: Not broken ground yet.

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