A luxury home in a box? It sounds contradictory, but Optima Inc. has made it happen in Phoenix.

The builder has experience in the luxury field, such as 7190 Optima Kierland in Scottsdale. Optima also received approval this summer to construct Optima McDowell Mountain Village, a $1 billlon luxury community in North Scottsdale.

Under its Optima DCHGlobal Inc. unit, luxury homes are constructed using the company’s patented modular factory building system.

Optima Paradise Valley is a boutique community of three homes. Each structure is built of glass and steel. The module enclosure takes only days to be made in Optima’s factory-controlled environment. The module is then lifted into place and rests on four piers. On-site completion occurs in a matter of hours.

The modules arrive on site fully outfitted with cabinetry, kitchens, and blinds and must only be plugged into utilities. Floor-to-ceiling glass windows offer great views and give residents a sense of harmonization with the outdoor environment.

Two out of three homes in the community have sold. The remaining home is currently on the market for just under $3.6 million. It’s 2,641 square feet, with three bedrooms and three bathrooms. The lot covers over 47,000 square feet, and the home has a stand-alone one-bedroom, one-bathroom guest house. In addition, there’s a courtyard with multiple entertaining spaces, including a lap pool with spa, fire pit, outdoor kitchen, and a covered patio with artificial turf.

Livabl spoke with David Hovey Jr., president of Optima DCHGlobal, Inc. and Optima Holdings, about its Paradise Valley project.

Luxury modular homes in Phoenix - Optima Paradise Valley lap pool
Photo courtesy of Optima DCHGlobal, Inc.

When did the building begin on Optima Paradise Valley?

Construction began in early July 2022 on the three residences.

 Was there a reason you chose Paradise Valley (besides land availability)?

Paradise Valley offers lot sizes generally over an acre and views of Mummy Mountain and Camelback; it made it an appealing backdrop for the modern steel and glass prefabricated structures.

What would draw customers to that area?

Customers are drawn to Paradise Valley because of its central location between Scottsdale, Arcadia, and Biltmore, with world-class resorts and restaurants and the overall lifestyle provided and supported by the area.  Paradise Valley attracts people who appreciate high-quality architecture and construction.

What kind of customer is interested in a modular luxury home?

I think a lot of people could be interested in modular luxury homes.  Our residences, constructed of glass and steel, provide a different feel than a traditional residence.  Our homes attract individuals who appreciate design, architecture, and art or are looking for a unique residence.

Also: lots of people have shown interest who already have property and would like to purchase one or several of these modulars to be installed on their existing property – this includes people with land in Arizona and out of state.  There has also been interest from people who want to add an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) on their property, and a prefabricated home due to little disruption to their neighbors and minimal time would be the perfect solution.

Do you think a significant market for modular luxury homes in Phoenix exists? Why?

Yes.  I think people are looking for a different product type in lieu of the traditional residential builds that you see around the Valley.  In addition, we have proven that we can build faster than typical residential projects.

Luxury modular homes in Phoenix - Optima Paradise Valley
Photo courtesy of Optima DCHGlobal, Inc.

 How long do they take to build?

Construction was completed on all three properties at the end of March 2023—a total construction duration of nine months to complete the three residences and all associated site work.

Are customizations permitted, and if not, does this make them a harder sell?

Customizations are certainly permitted.

Would you like to build more luxury modular communities in Phoenix? Where would your dream location be in the Valley (assuming land is available)?

The prefabricated modules are ideal solutions for flat and hard-to-build lots, such as rocky sites, mountainside lots, and/or drainage issues.  I think they would work in any community in Phoenix.


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