Pro tip: One of the more fun ways to hunt for real estate is to go to your favorite site and search the keyword “architect.” You’ll end up with a lot of zany McMansions, but among the chaff are some well-pedigreed gems. At a certain price point your realtor/personal assistant has probably already informed you that they’re available, like a Frank Lloyd Wright on the market, but the rest of us can enjoy the pictures, as well as find some reasonably aspirational properties that fit into the history of America’s architectural capital.

300 North Maple Avenue, Apt. 15, Oak Park

Since starting with a six-unit townhouse in Hyde Park, architect and developer David Hovey has built thousands of units over the past four decades (including his own mostly prefab 8,000-plus-square-foot Winnetka home). If you want in on an early Hovey, a unit is for sale in his 1981 downtown Oak Park development: light, clean, simple, and three beds and three baths for $425,000, from an architect who does sophisticated modernism at scale.

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