Some days it seems like there are more pigeons than people in The Loop.

With so many office workers pounding keyboards at home these days, the Optima Signature tower in Streeterville is left with four offices sans purpose. Its solution is to offer those offices to students, instead.

For a price between $1,800 and $2,400 a month, parents can rent the spaces for their children in a 57-story skyscraper to do remote schooling and studying. Each sweet suite has between five and seven spread out work stations, so presumably you’d get together with a bunch of like-minded parents and split the cost. Unless you’re the Brady Bunch, in which case, go nuts.

The office suites are on the second and seventh floors of the tower at 220 East Illinois Street. Students share gigabit internet, mini-fridges, trash and housekeeping service, and all the HVAC they can breathe. They also have access to some of the mostly-residential building’s amenities, like outdoor lounge spaces.

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