Optima Camelview Village landscaping is an oasis inspired by the surrounding mountains and Native American desert communities. What resulted: eleven terraced, bridge-linked buildings with courtyards that created ample opportunity to utilize our signature vertical landscaping to dramatic, and environmentally impactful, effect.

Optima Camelview Village, Scottsdale, Arizona.
Optima Camelview Village, Scottsdale, Arizona

Private Terraces

Each and every residence at Optima Camelview Village features a private terrace. The terraces are made all the more beautiful by an abundance of verdure, with lush landscaping that provides a pop of color alongside ample privacy and shade. The terraces, and their landscaping, also play into the complex layered language of shading, textures and colors that create depth and complexity throughout the community. 

The landscaping on the terraces was complicated due to the intricate geometry of Optima Camelview Village and necessitated designing for each individual terrace. By creating proper conditions for the plant life to thrive, with a specialized vacuum that deposits specially-tailored dirt for each mini-garden, we were able to make them work. 

Rooftop Gardens

The community sits on a 13-acre site, including an impressive 23-acres of rooftop gardens spread across the eleven buildings that make up Optima Camelview Village. The intense greenery that thrives atop the buildings serves as a haven for the natural wildlife of Arizona, as well as for the residents who live in the community. 

Optima Camelview Village, Scottsdale, Arizona
Optima Camelview Village, Scottsdale, Arizona

A Collaborative Effort

We worked with experts at Arizona State University for several years to get our landscaping just right. It’s crucial that the greenspace at Optima communities not only provides an aesthetic beauty, but that it contributes to the greater environment. With the help of ASU, we ensured that Optima Camelview Village’s landscaping is sustainable, with positive consequences such as re-oxygenation of the air, reduced dust and smog levels, reduced ambient noise, detainment of stormwater and thermal insulation and shielding from the desert sun.  

As always, we consider the additive value of our built communities not just in the lives of those that call Optima Camelview Village home, but of the planet that we ourselves call home.