Welcome to our latest series,  “Discover Optima’s Commercial Tenants,” where we explore the vibrant businesses that enhance the Optima® experience. From unique boutiques to essential services, our commercial tenants play a crucial role in enriching the lives of our residents. Join us as we explore these ventures, uncover their stories, and celebrate their contributions to the dynamic atmosphere of Optima communities.

Today, we’re chatting with Lily Liou, the owner of Bedazzled, a popular nail salon in Optima Signature®.

Could you tell us about Bedazzled and the services you offer?

We’re a neighborhood nail salon that caters to both men and women of all ages. We’ve been in business for almost a decade, and we’ve had the pleasure of being at Optima Signature for nearly five years.

How does being located at Optima Signature align with Bedazzled’s business values and goals?

The architecture of Optima Signature really drew us in. The sleek glass design sets our salon apart from those situated in more traditional buildings nearby, giving us great street visibility. Our previous location was just around the corner on St. Clair, but here on Grand Avenue, the foot traffic is significantly higher, and the views into the salon from the street are amazing. Moving to Optima Signature has also allowed us to significantly expand our space, hire more technicians, and add new services.

Interior of Bedazzled. Photo courtesy of American Express.

What value do you think Bedazzled brings to the Optima Signature community?

Our main offerings are convenience and personalized service. The residents appreciate the ease of accessing our salon without leaving the building, especially during the harsh Chicago winters. We’re always ready to serve them, and over the years, we’ve built wonderful relationships with many regulars in the building.

Any memorable experiences or interactions with residents or other commercial tenants here at Optima Signature?

We have regular customers who visit weekly, including one who also runs a tarot card reading business in the building. We once collaborated for a pop-up event here at Bedazzled, where she offered free readings to our clients. It’s this sense of community and mutual support that makes our experience here so unique.

And with all of our regular customers from the building, we get to know them by name and always make them feel especially at home when they are here. We also appreciate the fact that the Optima Signature residents who are regulars go out of their way to refer their friends who live in the neighborhood to our salon. This incredible loyalty means the world to us and really helps drive our growth.

How has being a tenant at Optima Signature impacted the growth and development of Bedazzled?

Being here at Optima Signature truly helps our business grow. We’re achieving our ambitious goals to grow the business every day, and would never have the same opportunities in another building. We couldn’t be happier!