Optima® Voices: Conversations with Our Property Teams” is a series that brings you closer to the individuals who make our communities thrive. Through these interviews, we’re shedding light on the dedicated staff behind the seamless operation of Optima®’s properties, highlighting their passion, experiences, and the personal touches they bring to enhancing the living experience for residents. Join us as we explore the stories of those who deliver — day in and day out — the quality of living that makes Optima communities extraordinary. Today, we’re talking with Aleks Milic, Leasing Manager at Optima Kierland Apartments®.

Tell us a bit about your background and the role you play at Optima Kierland®.
I arrived in the US from Switzerland in 2018, and I have accumulated four years of experience in Property Management. My primary responsibility here at Optima Kierland® is to ensure that all of our towers are occupied at 93%. Additionally, I lead a leasing team of three, overseeing the “sales” aspect of our property management operations.

How did you begin your journey at Optima Kierland®?
I wasn’t actively seeking another job opportunity, but when Megan from People Experience reached out to me via LinkedIn, I couldn’t resist listening to what Optima® had to offer. Approaching my fourth year in Arizona, everyone is aware that Optima® is a unique community known for providing exceptional customer service and offering an array of amazing amenities.

What drew you to Optima Kierland® initially?
Following my interviews, I gained a deeper understanding of what Optima® aims to deliver to our residents. Optima® initially attracted me with its exceptional design. From the overall aesthetic to the quality of customer service, it resonates with the comforts of home. This is the first community where I genuinely stand behind and take pride in saying that we offer luxury apartment homes.

How do you view the concept of community at Optima Kierland®? How does it differ from other properties/buildings?
Optima Kierland® is truly its own community! We stand out significantly from our competitors. Fortunately, I’ve had the opportunity to work for other property management companies, and I must say that Optima® goes above and beyond for its residents. The most notable distinction lies in Optima®’s architectural standpoint; they prioritize ensuring that everything has its designated place.

Optima® has a unique set of values that differentiates it from other company cultures. How does that affect the quality of your work life? What values matter most to you?
As a team, we all contribute and are empowered to bring in new ideas. The constant drive for creation stands out to me as a core value. We are always striving for improvements, whether it’s making the move-in experience smoother, refining apartment designs, or shaping the overall community aesthetic. The openness to feedback and our commitment to making necessary improvements significantly contribute to the quality of work life. Feeling heard at Optima® plays a vital role in this ongoing cycle of enhancement.

What are some things you’re learning since joining the Optima Kierland® team?
Speaking up and being involved is encouraged, emphasizing that each team member is crucial to our success. Recognizing that success lies in the details, I’ve learned that while there are communities with fantastic amenities at lower rates, none compare to what we offer at Optima®. We don’t view residents as mere accounts paying rent; instead, we aim to build lasting relationships and genuinely care about their well-being.

What makes you most proud to be a part of the Optima Kierland® team?
I can confidently state that we have the best community in Arizona! Optima® is not just an apartment home; it’s a lifestyle, a genuine community. What makes me most proud of being a part of Optima Kierland® is our incredible team that collaborates seamlessly across departments – we are truly one united force. We are all hands-on and share a common goal of providing the best experience for our residents.