Since our founding in 1978, our work has been grounded in respect for structure, materials and their expression, allowing us to achieve clarity and free-flowing movement through space that brings an intrinsic connection to nature to the fore, merging indoor and outdoor into a singular, holistic experience.

Because of the structure of our business, we serve as the owner, the architect, the developer and the general contractor, providing unique degrees of freedom that allow us to work from a shared vision.

Community Commitment

It’s impossible to talk about our culture at Optima without the conversation turning to the topic of community. For us, community is everything. It’s who we are as a company and what drives us to create spaces that integrate seamlessly into existing environments while making lasting contributions to those who live, work and play there.

For more than four decades, we have embraced opportunities to give back. The spirit of generosity and reciprocity comes from our entire team, and is reflected in supporting a rich, broad range of issues of our day.

Art & Architecture

The Next Generation

Health and Wellness

Community Impact

Equitable Future


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Maintenance Supervisor

Glencoe, IL

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